Keep Walking

In a conversation with teachers in Nepal about corruption in Nepalese school systems, one teacher admitted he had left a school because the head master cared less about the children’s education and more about the money in his pockets. I asked him why more people don’t stand up like he did. This was his response:

“Even when we know the road is rough, sometimes we still have to walk it.”

– Nepalese teacher (Hetauda, Nepal, November 2017)

What he said made me pause for a moment and contemplate what this means. His words can be interpreted in many ways. My first thought was “Build a new path,” but from a privileged background maybe I do not understand the extent of the situation. Does this mean he is giving in to his surroundings? Or does it mean that even with the challenging surroundings he will not give up because maybe he can’t change the path but he can change whether or not he continues walking? 

Some thoughts to contemplate…




4 thoughts on “Keep Walking

  1. You really mader stop… The reason for certain things are not always clear, I guess, but not everything needs to be clear in life… Life is not always easy, it’s never a straight line, there are rough paths, obstacles, holes, slippery surfaces but still… You have to walk that road… Right? Surely you have a role on this road, on other paths, but which one is perfect?? Sorry, just mumbling out loud! Great post really!😉💟

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    1. Thank you for your thoughts! You’re right, life is a mystery. We may not be able to choose or have control over the path we walk but we can choose how we will walk and the role we will take on. Perfection is relative anyway 😉

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  2. Incompetence, arrogance and corruption are rife in Nepal’s education system, fuelled by misguided and misplaced international aid and the self seeking nature of large INGOs!


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