Flying in Love

There is a common saying, “Falling in love.” I have ‘fallen in love’ once before. There is a joy and thrill in falling, but there is also an expectation that someone is going to catch you. If it truly is love, then there are no expectations. And when you realize that nobody is there to catch you, you have to find the strength within yourself to stand up again. I learned the hard way, but it was part of my journey and it made me stronger. It made me realize that I don’t have to fall again.

“Why fall in love when you can fly?” I thought.

This simple realization transformed how I view love and relationships of all forms. When you stand at the edge of the unknown and leap, completely surrendering to it without expectation, then you will not fall. You will fly. You will fly IN love because that is all that will surround you and hold you as you soar through the unknown. And maybe on your journey as you fly, you will meet other souls in the sky and you will dance, unite, or pass each other by. If you cling, clip someones wings, or betray your own flight, you will fall because then it is no longer love. Love does not have expectations. But love does have responsibility and that responsibility is to honor and respect the wings within each of us.

The next time you take the leap, ask yourself, “Am I falling or flying?”

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