Letter to my Loves

Hey my love

Let me tell you something

You are no more special to me than the soil beneath my feet

The break of a wave on the shore of a black sand beach

Or the rain that blossoms the flowers in early spring

And oh how special these things are to me

And I love you

And the way the dirt tickles between my toes

And the ocean that ebbs and flows in a sleepless lull

And the fields of unfolding petals under a golden glow

And I love you

Not the you your cells created which my eyes perceive

Not the you identified by labels and traits conditioned by society

Not even the you created with the words you speak

Who is you anyway?

And as I ask I laugh because I know it’s irrelevant

And words are too narrow for such obscurities anyway

All I know is that I love

And I love you

Not because chemical responses give me a cue that I’m attracted to you

Not because conditioning of the mind says I need a man by my side

Not even because you claim to love me too

No, I just do

The love I feel is not born from the flames of lust

It does not seek anything in return, not even love

This love flows freely from an endless stream within

And not only for you, but for all walks of life manifested in this reality

Without limits or attachments, I simply love

And I love you

And as all things come and go, so shall you

And if that is so, I will still love

For love does not love for the sake of others

Nor does love cease to exist when all fades away

And if it should, then it was not love anyway

I write this message to make things clear

Although words are poor replacements for what is here

In my heart, I share with you

And If you so choose to open yours too

We can cross and burn bridges built long ago

To clear a new path and spread love to other lost souls

You will not find me waiting with lighter in hand

For the light is within and the fire has already ignited

I can feel the heat rising and the way glowing brighter

But let me tell you something before I go

I love

and I love you



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