Keep Walking

In a conversation with teachers in Nepal about corruption in Nepalese school systems, one teacher admitted he had left a school because the head master cared less about the children’s education and more about the money in his pockets. I asked him why more people don’t stand up like he did. This was his response:

I Have Everything

"I have a good life. I have everything. I have the ocean. I have my family. I have many friends. I have my friend's families. I may not have the nicest house, but I have a place to sleep. I have food to feed my family. I am lucky. I have everything."                  -Bonzai (Banten, Indonesia, March 2017)

No Coincidences – Ft. Doreen

While traveling, people have asked me, “How do you decide where you will go next?” The honest answer is that I never really know. It is more of a calling than a logically researched plan. I’ve tried that before, where I’ve booked tickets in advance, designed a travel route, and had a general idea of where I will be at a certain point in time. These rarely worked out as planned. True and authentic travel has no plan or destination. To create a path to walk before you even see your feet in front of you is to limit yourself from all the possibilities that lay ahead. This is how I ended up in Nepal with a woman I had met for a few hours on a flight from Southeast Asia to Europe.