Let the Flies Fly

A very generous Nepalese man I met while trekking in Langtang Valley  welcomed me to his home in Kathmandu. I gratefully accepted the opportunity to become more intimate with the locals. Over a cup of tea we talked and he shared with me his views on compassion, which strung a chord in my heart that I can still feel humming inside. This is what he said:

Pure Devotion

While helping Doreen build libraries for schools in Nepal, she introduced me to a few Sisters at a nunnery who she donates books to. The eldest woman was full of wisdom and compassion, not only for her faith in God but for the people on this earth that she devotes her life to. Something so simple she said could spread like wildfire across the earth and change the hearts of many. This is what she said:  

I Have Everything

"I have a good life. I have everything. I have the ocean. I have my family. I have many friends. I have my friend's families. I may not have the nicest house, but I have a place to sleep. I have food to feed my family. I am lucky. I have everything."                  -Bonzai (Banten, Indonesia, March 2017)

No Coincidences – Ft. Doreen

While traveling, people have asked me, “How do you decide where you will go next?” The honest answer is that I never really know. It is more of a calling than a logically researched plan. I’ve tried that before, where I’ve booked tickets in advance, designed a travel route, and had a general idea of where I will be at a certain point in time. These rarely worked out as planned. True and authentic travel has no plan or destination. To create a path to walk before you even see your feet in front of you is to limit yourself from all the possibilities that lay ahead. This is how I ended up in Nepal with a woman I had met for a few hours on a flight from Southeast Asia to Europe.

Why Not? – Ft. The Pyrenees

Every choice I make while traveling carves a new and distinct path that determines what I will experience and what possibilities lay ahead. One of the most spontaneous and unforgettable choices I made was when I decided to leave South East Asia unexpectedly and fly to Europe with three new friends to hike 800 km from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea along the Haute-Route Pyrenees (HRP).