Let the Flies Fly

A very generous Nepalese man I met while trekking in Langtang Valley  welcomed me to his home in Kathmandu. I gratefully accepted the opportunity to become more intimate with the locals. Over a cup of tea we talked and he shared with me his views on compassion, which strung a chord in my heart that I can still feel humming inside. This is what he said:


I vividly remember a conversation I had with a young woman about authentic connections and our own personal struggles. She came across as a strong and self-motivated individual with more wisdom than she probably realized. Something she said that we could all take a moment to think about is this:

Pure Devotion

While helping Doreen build libraries for schools in Nepal, she introduced me to a few Sisters at a nunnery who she donates books to. The eldest woman was full of wisdom and compassion, not only for her faith in God but for the people on this earth that she devotes her life to. Something so simple she said could spread like wildfire across the earth and change the hearts of many. This is what she said:  

Keep Walking

In a conversation with teachers in Nepal about corruption in Nepalese school systems, one teacher admitted he had left a school because the head master cared less about the children’s education and more about the money in his pockets. I asked him why more people don’t stand up like he did. This was his response:

I Have Everything

"I have a good life. I have everything. I have the ocean. I have my family. I have many friends. I have my friend's families. I may not have the nicest house, but I have a place to sleep. I have food to feed my family. I am lucky. I have everything."                  -Bonzai (Banten, Indonesia, March 2017)